About Us

The Faery Forest is run by myself, Megan, and my husband Joey. I have been fascinated by the faery realm for as long as I can remember. I've also always had a passion for design, architecture, nature and miniatures, so it only felt natural for me to find a path and career that combined all of these elements. It also only felt natural to have my husband work with me - his experience and love of woodworking has been a major creative force behind this and it couldn't have happened without his skill and creativity. We are so thankful to have found a craft, passion, and career that we can share and experience together, and continuously inspire and learn from one another.

My main goal when I started The Faery Forest was not only to inspire others who believe, but to capture and create my own version of what I imagine the faery world to be like, that sense of wonder, what their homes and furniture would look like, and letting my imagination take over. Before creating anything new I always ask myself "If I were a faery, what would this look like?", and I go from there. I try to imagine what materials they would use, and what found objects they may find another purpose for. A majority of everything you see in our creations is completely handmade by my husband and I. We love to find a majority of our materials out in nature - all of which are locally and ethically sourced, so no form of nature is ever harmed in the process.

We are so grateful to have received so much love and support from our followers over the years. We've made some incredible friends, gained many regular customers, and received amazing feedback and so many kind words. We can never thank all of you enough for that.


We have also been featured and interviewed in two different magazines if you'd like to read more into that and see more of our work:

The Spring 2019 "Into the Forest" Issue of Enchanted Living Magazine (formerly Faerie Magazine) - Issue No. 46

The Spring 2019 "Eco-Issue" of FAE Magazine - Issue No. 43

Please visit their websites to order back-issues.